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Economic Indicators

Bank of Canada Interest Rate Announcement  

Once again, Canada's central bank kept its target for the overnight rate at one per cent. There has been no change to the rate since September 2010, when it moved from 0.75 to one per cent.  This is the longest period of time since the 1950's that the rate has remained unchanged.  

BoC Press Release

The next scheduled BoC rate meeting is set for September 3, 2014.

Dynamic Funds Economics   

Chief and Senior Economists share valuable insight into current economic trends and market movements, providing you with the ability to better understand financial markets.

We are pleased to present the latest edition of the Economic Monitor from Dynamic Funds Economics, prepared by Chief Economist Dr. Martin Murenbeeld and Senior Economist William Tharp.

The Economic Monitor,  June 2014


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IA Clarington Sarbit U.S. Equity Fund

Larry Sarbit, Lead Manager

Larry Sarbit is a Canadian financial services veteran.  Undeterred by market volatility, he continues to follow his successful investment philosophy of buying great businesses at a bargain price, while managing with discipline and patience.

This fund provides focused exposure to U.S. Equity market utilizing a value approach to invest in companies that trade at 'margin of safety' prices.  U.S. dollar denominated assets are hedged in order to reduce exchange rate volatility.  Larry uses a value investment style and seeks out companies with a substantial barrier to entry, ability to generate attractive return on capital, growing stream of free cash flow and honest/capable management.  Investment time horizon is similar to length of a business ownership; years, decades, or generations.  To ensure capital protection the Fund may hold significant cash, determined by availability of companies that meet the Larry's quality and price criteria.

Fear is creating bargains in the U.S.

Manulife Monthly High Income Fund

Alan Wicks,  CFA, Senior Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager, Manulife Asset Management Limited

This fund represents a prudent way for investors to re-enter the markets, with a fund that has historically provided consistently strong risk-adjusted performance relative to its peers.

3 Minutes With Alan Wicks – Part 1
Alan discusses the team behind the Manulife Monthly High Income Fund’s 15 years of success, how the Fund is managed, and why it has protected so well on the downside. September 2012

3 Minutes With Alan Wicks – Part 2
Alan discusses a stock holding within the Manulife Monthly High Income Fund and shares how he feels the Fund is positioned to capitalize on opportunities. September 2012

Portfolio Manager Soundbyte – A. Wicks
Having just celebrated the Fund’s 15-year anniversary, Alan discusses how the Manulife Monthly High Income Fund is well positioned in today’s market. September 2012

Manulife Strategic Balanced Yield Fund

Fund Co-Managers:

Sandy Sanders, Senior Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager, Manulife Asset Management (U.S.), LLC

Daniel S. Janis III, Senior Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager, Manulife Asset Management (U.S.), LLC

Walter McCormick, Senior Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager, Manulife Asset Management (U.S.), LLC

Thomas Goggins, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, Manulife Asset Management (U.S.), LLC

Dennis McCafferty, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager,
Manulife Asset Management (U.S.), LLC

 This fund aims to provide sustainable income stream.

3 Minutes With Dan and Walter
Dan Janis and Walter McCormick discuss the newly launched Manulife Strategic Balanced Yield Fund.

Manulife Strategic Income Fund

Thomas C. Goggins, BBA, MA co-manages the Manulife Strategic Income Fund, (along with Daniel S. Janis III, Senior Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager, Manulife Asset Management (U.S.), LLC)

This fund provides exposure to multiple fixed income sectors, while employing dynamic currency management through risk-reducing hedging strategies and return enhancing overlays.

The New Core Bond Fund:
Dan Janis and Tom Goggins discuss the Manulife Strategic Income Fund.

The Investment Management of Manulife Strategic Income Fund:
Dan Janis and Tom Goggins explain the investment management style and process for the Manulife Strategic Income Fund.

Portfolio Manager Soundbyte – T. Goggins
Tom Goggins talks about the Manulife Strategic Income Fund’s current position and gives his outlook on the current market. August 2012

Manulife Yield Opportunities Fund

Terry Carr, CFA, Head of Canadian Fixed Income, Manulife Asset Management Limited

The Yield Opportunites Fund is a core income-oriented fund that provides investors with access to higher-yielding asset classes across the globe.  It invests in a diversified portfolio including high-yield bonds, investment grade bonds, dividend-paying equities, REITs and other higher-yielding asset classes such as emerging market debt.

Terry talks about the yield of the Manulife Yield Opportunities Fund, managing currency risk, and who the fund might be ideally suited for.

Dynamic Dividend Advantage Fund   (fund name change as of September 2012 .. Formerly Dynamic Dividend Value Fund)

Cecilia Mo, MBA, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Dynamic Funds, CGIC Ltd.

Cecilia Mo joined the Value team of Dynamic as portfolio manager in 2011. An industry veteran with a proven record of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns, Cecilia is focused on consistent strong performance while providing downside protection. Her investment style complements the Value team at Dynamic by employing a strict and diligent fundamentals-driven, bottom-up approach to investing while balancing long term growth of a company within the current macro environment.

The Dynamic Dividend Advantage Fund (video)   Dec 2012

Dynamic Global Infrastructure Fund
Jason Gibbs, BAcc., CA, CFA, Vice-President and Portfolio Manager

 Jason focuses on investing in best-in-class businesses with strong balance sheets and sustainable cash flows among dividend paying equities and infrastructure companies on a global basis. In the infrastructure space, he has expertise investing in both companies that own infrastructure assets directly as well as those involved in the building or maintenance of these types of assets.
Jason has 16 years of industry experience, received his Bachelor of Accounting from Brock University, and holds the Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst designations.

July 2012 Update - Dynamic Global Infratructure Fund

Dynamic Global Infrastructure Fund (video)

Dynamic Power American Growth Fund, Dynamic Power Global Growth Class, Dynamic Power Global Balanced Class

Noah Blackstein  BA, CFA, Vice-President and Portfolio Manager, Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel

Noah Blackstein, one of Canada’s premier U.S. and global growth fund managers, has a 10-year track record in the investment industry.  He is the lead portfolio manager for the Dynamic Power American Growth Fund, Dynamic Power Global Growth Class, and the Dynamic Power Global Balanced Class.  He has a reputation that is further strengthened by his over ten-year record of success and many industry awards.

Canadian stock investors seek growth in U.S. consumer comeback - Reuters.com  2012-11-29

 U.S. markets to lead the pack - Financial Post 2012-05-25

Building A Portfolio   (video)

My Investment Approach  (video)

Aurion Capital Management

Christine Horoyski, CFA, MBA, CA, Senior Vice President and Lead Fixed Income Manager

Aurion Capital Management is primary an institutional fund management company caring for approximately five billion dollars of assets for some of Canada’s largest pension plans.  A flexible fixed income fund that seeks out the best opportunities in the bond space, the Aurion Total Return Bond Fund allows the individual investor to access and benefit from the specialized skill set of a pension manager.

Christine Horoyski is responsible for Aurion Capital’s Nominal Bond products, including core, corporate and specialized portfolios, as well as a US Short Term Credit portfolio.  As chair of the Asset Mix Committee, she is responsible for qualitative & quantitative strategies used to manage overall asset allocations among various asset classes and within various geographic exposures.

Fund prepares for higher rates  2012-10-31  Financial Post

Corporate bonds blend high yield, safety

Christine Horoyski discusses the Dynamic Aurion Total Return Bond Fund, it's philosophy and discipline

The Dynamic Aurion Total Return Bond Fund - An Alternative To Bond Ladders

Corporate bonds remain attractive based on the excess yield over government bonds, credit fundamentals and an improving economy

Sionna Investment Managers Inc.    

Kim Shannon, President and CIO

Kim is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Sionna Investment Managers and has over 25 years of investment management experience.   A relative value manager who focuses on Canadian equities and has done so during her entire career (which goes back to the late 80s and early 90) Kim has developed an excellent long-term track record for her clients.  She has created her own independent firm and has won many awards, including Morning Star Fund Manager of the Year in 2005. Kim is often quoted in the financial press, and regularly appears on television.

2012-11-15      Dividends no slam dunk

2012-05-04    Opportunities in the sideways market; Benefits Canada

2012-03-02    Kim Shannon: Cautious on high yielders in sideways market; Financial Post

2012-02-24    Interview with Christine and Kim Shannon: The Sionna Canadian Equity Fund

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